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Welcome to Wisdom of Plants Institute

A little bit about us

We are a community of professionals who explore the use of medicinal plants for the healing and evolution of human consciousness.

We are in the midst of a Psychedelic Renaissance, and we want to pioneer research and experience at the intersection of innovative science, cultural traditions, and spirituality. At Wisdom of Plants Institute we provide high-quality content based on scientific evidence, mainly on natural entheogens used by indigenous peoples around the world.


We are committed to micro-dosing as a therapeutic tool to improve people’s quality of life in multiple aspects: eliminate anxiety, improve mood, concentration and cognitive performance.

In recent years, numerous personal growth experts and even the mass media have reported on the positive effects of microdosing, leading to an exponential increase in worldwide interest.

However, we know that taking microdoses unaccompanied is not without risk, so we always recommend starting a personalized coaching process or our microdosing group course to extract all the benefits of microdosing and achieve consistent results over time.

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effective and respectful

Our values

Our mission is to contribute to the effective and respectful use of wisdom plants in Europe. Our value proposition is based on three pillars:

Eco-sustainability: We only source master plants that meet high standards of ethical cultivation and sustainability. Based on replanting, the selection of high-quality plants and support for the local communities of origin.

Respect for the traditional way of preparing the master plants. We take care of even the smallest detail in the preparation and we are advised by expert vegetalistas of recognized trajectory.

We provide courses and personalized advice on the professional use of master plants: legal and ethical aspects in the use of ayahausca, training in microdosing and preparation and psychotherapeutic integration of work with expanded states of consciousness.

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The benefit of psychedelic microdose therapies
The benefit of psychedelic microdose therapies

Rick Strassman, the American scientist and researcher who […]

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