Elevate your Rapé ritual with our Tepi and Keripe applicators. Handcrafted from sacred materials, our Tepis ensure precise self-administration, while Keripes offer assisted application. Explore our collection at Wisdom of Plants Institute.

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Applicators for Rapé Enthusiasts: Tepi and Keripe Applicators

Experience the Sacred Ritual of Rapé with Tepi and Keripe Applicators

Uncover the ancient wisdom and transformative power of Rapé, the sacred shamanic snuff, with our premium selection of Tepi and Keripe applicators. At Wisdom of Plants Institute, we offer a diverse range of meticulously crafted applicators, designed to enhance your Rapé journey and elevate your spiritual practice.

Enhance Your Rapé Experience with Tepi and Keripe Applicators

Tepi Applicators:

With our Tepi applicators, you can embark on a profound ritualistic voyage. Each Tepi is skillfully handcrafted from premium materials, such as sacred wood, crystal, or bone. These elongated pipes are traditionally used to self-administer Rapé, allowing you to gently blow the sacred snuff into your own nostrils, ensuring a direct and precise application. Immerse yourself in the meditative process as you connect with the ancestral energies and intentions of Rapé.

Keripe Applicators:

Our Keripe applicators offer an alternative and intimate way to experience Rapé. These beautifully crafted vessels are designed for assisted administration, allowing a trusted partner or shaman to gently blow Rapé into your nostrils. Made with utmost care and attention to detail, our Keripe applicators provide a balanced and controlled dosage, enabling a deep connection to the healing properties of the sacred snuff.

Quality Craftsmanship and Sacred Materials

At Wisdom of Plants Institute, we prioritize quality craftsmanship and authenticity. Our applicators are handcrafted by skilled artisans who honor the sacred traditions and respect the cultural significance of Rapé. Each applicator is infused with intention, ensuring a powerful and transformative ritual experience.

Discover Your Perfect Rapé Applicator

Explore our wide range of Tepi and Keripe applicators and find the perfect tool to enhance your Rapé practice. From elegantly designed Tepis with crystal inlays to intricately carved Keripes, our collection offers a diverse selection of styles, materials, and energies to suit every Rapé enthusiast. Immerse yourself in the sacred world of Rapé and let the healing power of these applicators guide you on your spiritual journey.

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