Personalized accompanying coaching sessions

Do you need a Microdose Coach?

Whether you are starting in the world of microdosing or have extensive experience, it is proven that professional accompaniment facilitates greater performance and depth of the process when it comes to changing a dysfunctional pattern or simply improving any aspect of your life.

Our coach can help you set goals and structure your microdosing protocol so that the changes are positive and the results you get are consistent over the long term.

How does Microdose Coaching work?

Our coaching sessions are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

It is a third-generation model of psychotherapy backed by scientific evidence. ACT, which in English means “act” and emphasizes taking effective actions guided by our deepest values, in which we are fully present and committed. We use 6 processes or dimensions that allow us to develop the qualities that will lead us to enjoy a full and satisfying life.

The process begins with a first one-hour interview by video call or in person. Based on this first session, the amount and frequency with which we intend to schedule the successive sessions is decided, although a minimum process of 6 sessions is recommended to obtain significant results.

During the sessions, some tasks will be given for registration and self-reflection.

The main goal of coaching sessions is to assess your success in achieving your goals and how we can deal with obstacles. At the end of the sessions, we will review what you have learned during this period and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.

Network coaches

Network Coach Victor Lucia Sánchez

Victor Lucia Sánchez

Víctor Lucia Sánchez is a Doctor in Social Anthropology, Clinical Psychologist and ACT Psychotherapist. Member of IMA, Facilitator and coach in microdosing psychedelics.

My trip to the Amazon jungle changed my life forever. Initially I arrived as an anthropologist doing my doctoral thesis and ended up working in an international center that uses Amazonian medicine to treat addictions. Ayahuasca introduced me to a spiritual dimension that I did not know. Since then, he has deepened my practice with the master plant and in recent years has verified the transformative potential of ayahuasca in microdoses with my clients.

I am passionate about accompanying people who want to make changes in their lives through a process of deep transformation. I use the ACT model because it is based on scientific evidence and allows holistic work (cognitive, emotional and physical).



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