The benefit of psychedelic microdose therapies

The benefit of psychedelic microdose therapies

Rick Strassman, the American scientist and researcher who authored the book “DMT, the Molecule of the Spirit”, said it crystal clear in one of the first chapters of that memorable text: human beings have achieved incredible achievements in practically all areas of work. (mainly in the field of medicine and scientific advances) over the last sixty years. There is only one field in which humanity has remained practically stagnant for many years: that of psychiatry and the investigation of mental illnesses. For decades doctors have continued to prescribe the same prescriptions over and over again: Prozac, Xanax, Valium, as well as a limited series of products whose effectiveness has been questioned countless times. Little or almost no progress has been made, then, in recent decades. Man has reached the Moon, the Internet monopolizes homes, we have advanced nuclear fusion to obtain clean energy, we will soon witness the first cloned human beings… and doctors have continued to prescribe the same pills for more than half a century. . And the reason is very simple: the field of study of the mind and consciousness that is still quite unexplored is the one related to psychedelic substances. It is there, as many scientists, doctors and researchers have affirmed over and over again, where endless possibilities open up in the proper treatment of countless mental ailments, especially those related to addictions, various types of anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress symptoms. And the reason why this field practically still remains Terra Incognita has obviously been the refusal of the different governments, led by the United States, to allow experimentation with this type of substance, as well as the obstacles raised by the all-powerful lobby pharmacist who fears losing his monopoly in such a juicy market.

There are countless testimonials that prove the effectiveness of the use of psychedelic substances (especially psilocybin, LSD and ayahuasca) in the treatment of mental disorders, a treatment that, needless to say, should always be developed under the supervision of an expert. Fortunately, times are changing. Today we are living in a new golden age in the investigation of psychedelic and entheogenic substances within the framework of the treatment of mental illnesses and addictions. Finally, many governments around the world are opening up to this type of investigation after long decades of paralysis and immobility. There are already several countries around the planet, as well as states in the United States, that have glimpsed the wide and fertile field in psychiatry that opens up ahead, which is why government permissiveness in relation to this type of highly beneficial treatment for citizens.
And within this type of treatment, one of those that are showing the greatest advances and benefits is the one related to microdoses, especially ayahuasca and psilocybin (a psychoactive component present in the so-called “magic mushrooms”). The success of these treatments, always under the guidance and supervision of an expert therapist, lies in the easy handling of these substances by patients. The treatment, as the name suggests, is based on very small doses that stay below the minimum threshold for an entheogenic or psychedelic experience. In other words, there is no risk, at any time, of experiencing hallucinations or visions that could lead to what is commonly known as a “bad trip”. On the contrary, the patient will experience, at all times, slight but appreciable symptoms of well-being, good humor and positive sensations that, on the one hand, will gradually contribute to improving their disposition and mental health, and on the other, will allow them to face adequately and effectively, and always by the hand of the psychotherapist, those dark areas that require attention, analysis and care.

And it is that, as affirmed by the famous American author Michael Pollan, author of the successful book How to Change your Mind (“How to change your mind”, which has recently been taken to images thanks to Netflix), psychedelics allow a “reset of the brain” or “flip our mind board”. This psychedelic-induced reset could benefit people who suffer from disorders characterized by mental rigidity, such as addictions, depression and obsessions.

Michael Pollan has spent many years recommending, wherever he is interviewed, the increasingly popular microdoses, which, without altering or distorting the patient’s consciousness to a great extent (as would happen with much higher doses), allow to generate

Milkor Acevedo
Milkor Acevedo (Stockholm, 1974) is a Spanish-Venezuelan journalist and writer with four published novels. After a first and impressive experience with ayahuasca, he has dedicated the last few years to the study and dissemination of psychedelic and entheogenic substances. He is the creator of the podcast "Diarios de la Psicodelia".

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